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SEO Take Over
SEO Take Over .NET IoC Container
The company is a leading seo services minneapolis provider, they also have a marketplace , where you can buy high pr backlinks from vendors. They also have a kick ass guide called Build Private Blog Network, which shows you how to get started with your SEO Agency.

Website Structure
Fragweb is a web design malta agency, which is the leading in design on the island. Have developed the website structure in .NET then converted the front end into html and css for faster loading.

SEO Malta
We have developed an automated system for handling clients to deliver predictable results for a web design Malta located firm. Moreover the system allows to track every little factor in SEO malta.

xLim – Smart Development
xLim is a set of principles/guidelines that come from some experience and serve specific purpose of efficiently building flexible and light distributed information management systems.

Software Development Body of Knowledge
Software Development Body of Knowledge (SDBoK) series attempt to capture knowledge specific to delivering complex projects within the domain of software development.

This is the prototype project that has got succeeded by the Lokad Shared Libraries.

Series on the NeuroEvolution theory (neural networks that are trained with evolutionary algorithms) and some implementation aspects for the Microsoft .NET framework.